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by Elizabeth Zimmer
Body Building
An old hotel with historic associations now attracts therapists
and bodyworkers
September 20th, 2004 8:00 PM
REBECCA KLINGER has been offering sublime massages—from prenatal and infant treatments to bodywork for adults
dealing with various health challenges—in Manhattan since 1981; she moved into the St. Denis in 1989. "After my sweet
suitemate in Gramercy Park moved upstate to get married and have babies, I decided to go solo. The building worked in
terms of my clientele at the time. This was not such a hot area then, but you could get charming one-room offices for
relatively affordable rates." Her love of the ocean has led her to create a studio that feels like an urban beach cabana,
decorated with dozens of fish images (suite 521, 212-777-4201,
In addition to what she jokingly calls "Yiddish massage, because it's such a conglomeration of all the styles of bodywork
I've studied over the years," Klinger is certified in "interactive guided imagery," a profoundly effective, safe, and fast mind-
body technique that uses the power of the imagination to address issues ranging from stress management and pain
reduction to life challenges, decision-making, and creativity. As a holistic health counselor, she also advises people about
developing healthier lifestyle choices—"mood, food, and attitude. I want people to leave here feeling better than when they
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